Warning Signs At The Alamo, Texas, USA

For 12 days in 1836, a small band of Texans were besieged by
Santa Anna’s huge army. On the 13th day, all was lost.
But an undying battle cry was born – Remember The Alamo!

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Not to forget the Alamo

History gives us places and events to ponder — how much we remember or allow us to be reminded; each is jar into reality when we physically visit a special place; that’s what happened when I visited the Alamo, in San Antonio, Texas.

The Dallas News mentions that tourism in Texas may not be pushing the benefits of visiting The Alamo in an article

Many Warning signs from a distance

Yet, taking a visit to this steadfast institutional monument of United States history was a high point to my Southern travels. Upon approaching the grounds one can see the quaint spread-out grounds with warning signs abound.

Rich with history

“Remember the Alamo” from 1836 is well documented here
But a visit is on you list, I hope; to wander the grounds and remember the brave deeds committed which would be felt far into the future.

Remembering our past

What’s the problem with remembering some event in the past? Is the memory some glorification of an event? Does it have to be? No.

Not ready to set aside the hegemony between warring countries, Texans do respect the past with Mexico; a rich history none of us living are responsible.

We may choose NOT to remember the past as a protection; as reflected in the warning signs even today. All for our protection.

We conclude to remember : We remember to conclude

Forget the past; Forget the Alamo! No way! As all Texans, I stand up to the memory and beauty of remembering from my travels South — to remember the Alamo.

No Hunger
No Hunger at alamo

Opposite the Alamo ( is located the Visitor Information Center ), I saw this gentleman collecting money for a world hunger program – This picture was taken with his permission. Thanks man…

Alamo Detail of location of no parking sign
Stop sign at Alamo
A NO Parking sign is located on the East parking lot outside the Alamo; facing east.
The Visitor Information Center is directly across the street from the Alamo.
Alamo Visitor Center
Alamo door sign
This picture is enlarged from above – it sits directly outside the front door of the Alamo.
Alamo QUIET sign
A detail picture of this sign.
Alamo Warning Signs

The Alamo is a Memorial to those who died defending Texas’s independence from Mexico.

Inside the Alamo Courtyard beside a round fountain is this plague on the ground.
Sign at Alamo, Texas
NO recycled water alamo
Do Not Drink water at the alamo

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‡  — Obtained from “San Antonio visitor Guide & Map” booklet.

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