would bts date someone 10 years younger

There is a regular customer at my work who is 50 - and she looks maybe mid 30's... so circumstances like that, yeah.
He was right, it happened multiple times after that night. I bet he’d find it hard to resist your touch for too long and somehow because of that eagerness, he can feel turned on by you asserting your dominance over him with said bondage.Don’t even try to be the boss of Jin. ); favourite smile; favourite pout when you’re sulking… Cute as a button to him! But honestly that would be awkward.
I feel like age wouldn’t be a super important to him, but if you were too old or too young it might make him mildly uncomfortable.

I think most dominants would prefer a younger partner.Hobi would be into both noonas and younger girls. Be triggered by his hands and develop a choking kink like I did  At a push though, I would say it’d be with 2 girls.He wants to be the reason his partner gets asked all the questions about dating ‘that cool [older] guy’. I also feel like Jin is one of the more traditional members of the group, so he would have his eye out for someone younger or the same age, as I get the impression that this is more ‘the norm’.I place V smack bang in the middle because my ideas about him are quite contrasting; on one hand, I see him as a very open-minded individual, which could lead to him at least thinking about / trying something with a guy, but on the other hand, I see him as quite a traditional sort of person, meaning he would most likely go for a girl who is a bit younger than himself. thank you :)! !’ So I’ve done similar to my BTS MTL to date someone 10 years older and in brackets is an age, this time it is what their future age would be [rather than the prtner’s] I … However, a bigger part of me thinks he’d prefer for it to just be 2 people in a relationship; one person that he can focus his affection and attention on, and who can give him that equal amount of love back.Of course, this doesn’t mean he would put off the idea of dating someone younger than himself or younger than the age range I’ve stated above, but in my mind, he probably has more of an eye for older/similar age people. He would find older girls sexy, especially when they were experienced, but at the same time he wouldn’t want a prolonged relationship. The perfect dork for a lass imo. I don’t think he really cares though either way.Anywhere from ‘93 to ‘01 would probably be fair game. In terms of preference, I think he would like younger girls a bit more than older ones.Virgo | INTJ | ☕️BTS and Namjoon is my daddy and kookie is my baby boy ✌ [This isn’t me trying to throw on all the bts ships, I’m basically saying it’s like how during school, you usually only think to have an eye on the opposite gender because heterosexuality is seen as ‘the norm’ and it’s almost quite an enforced state of mind or whatever and so you get swayed to only think about that gender… could be the same for someone who just hangs around guys? Between ‘90 and ‘98. and not care about anyone’s opinion but your own.” Conclusion: Dating a woman 10 years younger. Similarly to V, I think everything a younger partner does would just be the cutest thing to him, and he’d always be acting like a dork, trying to get on your level, even though he knows deep down, he ain’t gonna get there, ever.I’ve done it so that the relationship consists of 3 people for each to avoid confusion or messiness in this MTL… I should also note that I think poly relationships can also be a bit more ‘detached’ in the sense that it’s a couple that see separate partners [could be getting confused with open relationships though] and that in this case, I’m doing it where the said 3 people have an equal affection toward one anotherI think Jimin needs a younger partner, and that age might matter to him. I do think, though, that 10 years is about as far as he’ll go with a younger girl. His partner is his precious little plaything that he will nuture and look after, buying them all the toys to enhance the sexual experience.I can see Hobi being just as energetic in 10 years time, so perhaps a younger person to date would be appropriate. ]Arguments would be possibly quite immature, “Fine! I feel like ‘wise’ is a key word/trait that he would seek in a partner.Taehyung has so much love to give, so I think a poly relationship might suit him well… I can see him being with one male and one female because the three of them started out as best mates and then idk maybe both the guys caught feelings for the girl but then they like bond other that mutual like and get to know each other deeper and weird things start happening in TaeTae’s heart so he just down right gets them alone and tells them both what’s going on.Don’t get the wrong idea though, just because he’s not that into bondage… he’s still kinky as fuck and loves to spank you and abuse you with toys, fingers, mouth, and all the rest.Similarly to J-Hope, I think he would like to be the cool older guy that make you flustered with his look and cool persona, and I think he would be more assured that he is a good enough partner because he’s had a few extra years on his hands to get it right.The angst in a relationship like this would be that it just feels off, and cannot really be explained, resulting in a mutual decision to break it off. But with either gender, a younger partner should be able to give him a boost in mood and energy when he needs it. I think V probably would like to work that sinful mouth on you to get you all worked up, and somehow, it’s cuter with a younger person as they whine under his skillful touch.His dominant side comes out the most if anyone poses as a threat to him. I’m probably gonna be out of town for a gig and so without internet this weekend so it’s a lazy afternoon to do some requests in… No idea how many times this goes off on a tangent slightly, so I’m sorry-ish for that I'm a guy. There might not be a spoken daddy kink going on and I’m not exactly saying that he’s your daddy, but… he

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