what did hera do when zeus cheated on her

They're just both very bored. No. Whenever her husband Zeus cheated, she would be very jealous. Although, at the very beginning when they first were married, they got along well. When Hera saw the little bird, she took pity on it. My impression is that it’s not that they don’t like each other. No, she was not. People say Hera was Evil because she was jealous of her husband, Zeus. One day, Zeus transformed himself into a rain-soaked helpless little bird whose sight was enough to melt even the iciest of hearts. She took the little creature and nestled it in her bosom to dry it and give it warmth. Part of the answer lies in the role of women in ancient Greek society.

Hera cannot and should not punish or resent Zeus (men) for their infidelity. Did Hera go by any other names? In the myth of Hercules, for example, Hera is jealous because Zeus cheated on her with Alcmene. 1. Hera tended to retaliate for Zeus' infidelity, alright, but it was usually by murdering or otherwise tormenting the object of his… attentions. She turned into a more evil person when Zeus cheated on her. However, because she couldn't hurt Zeus who cheated on her numerous times, she pursued and tortured his mistresses and his illegitimate children. Hera and Mary Magdalene are likely the same wife of Zeus/Jesus. Case in point- the only time I can remember Zeus and Hera actually getting it on is at one point during the Trojan war. Nonetheless, he was relentless and formulated a plan that would see Hera soften her hard stance. But, she often did mean things to Zeus, like myths say she turned him into a cow. For Zeus and Hera, they never agreed, and Zeus constantly cheated on her with many other goddesses and mortal women. “These two gods defy and challenge each other numerous times.

Mary did not make money at this, she did it for pleasure only. When she got mad she would do mean things, that's why they thought she was evil. Hera herself, on the other hand, was faithful to Zeus in the means of sexuality, but didn't obey her husband which was also important for marriage in Ancient Greek's culture. Hera shows her social dominance over Zeus when she rejects his advances, on the grounds that they are siblings.” (para. Appearance in the works of art.

She just wanted to get revenge on Zeus and all the mortals he cheated on her with. 0. Related Questions . She would take out horrible revenge on the woman and her children. Mary was a harlot (sexually promiscuous) young woman before she married Zeus/Jesus. Iris (Joan of Arc) was a virgin. Hera is jealous in the majority of the myths she appears in because Zeus is always cheating on her.

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