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Why would the English name the slave ship the “Good Ship Jesus”? See Roots: The Saga of an American Family by Alex Haley. You are so right that the Bible lays out how a master is to treat his slaves, just as it lays out how husbands are to treat their wives, and how we are to love one another as Christ loved us. Thank you for writing, and a Happy and joyous 2016 to you~Your email address will not be published.Baruch 4:15: For he hath brought a nation upon them from far, a shameless nation, and of a strange language, who neither reverenced old man, nor pitied child.Interesting, Shirley. There are stories from the captains, the merchants, the crew members, and the slaves themselves—all with their unique viewpoints of their situations. Of course you are right. That’s why by the time the Europeans arrived, lots of Africans had already been killed, raped and forced to convert to to IslamPsalm 83:4 – They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.Since He was Jewish, from the Middle East, He was almost certainly brown. The Slave Ship: A Human York: Viking Press, Pp.$ Introduction: The Slave Ship is the fourth book written by Marcus Rediker, a prize-winning American historian of the early-modern era and the Atlantic world and a Distinguished Professor of History at the University of h evocative language, fluid narration, poignant imagery.Much is known of the slave trade and the American plantation complex, but little of the ships that made it all possible.Slave Ship like the oh so plain Mandalorian Shield book, made me sleepy everytime I selected it up. It was a terrific idea however the actual product lacked the plot/action zing that defines celebrity battles stories.The Napoleonic wars, early s. The Pasha orders renegade Rory Fitzgerald, late of Her Majesty's Hussars, to take a shipload of beautiful European women slaves to the Caribbean and open up a market there.

The missing link in the chain of American slavery For three centuries slave ships carted millions of people from the coasts of Africa across the Atlantic to the Americas.


It is an English name.Carlyn if you replace Christian with Islam and God with Allah your statement is exactly what Muslims want…PEACE and LOVE. They will know about the kings and queens of African countries, they will learn that Africa was not poor, the people where poor, but the land was rich which is why many countries outside of Africa wanted a piece of it.This faith in the authentic Jesus Christ of the Bible is the biggest influence of our choice to patiently endure the indiginities inflicted upon us – and even seek the good of our enemies.Some of the folks who are evidently descendants of the Stolen show a lack of knowledge of many things.

Yet there is so little we know. No one can even bother to contest it with the scriptures given. Please name of country and the city. It is clear that as Jesus Christ said, the Holy Spirit would lead those who believe Him into all truth (John 16:13).The use of ALL is dangerous and immediately raises defenses. But I know I’m not for Christianity, this just proves even more of why I’m not. was this to fool the people of Africa to think it was a good thing and also where the people of Africa already christians before the slave ship got there and if not do you know what religion they served.Actually your wrong quite a lot of Western Africans at the time were Muslim as wellGood questions.

The suffering young boys were inside the boat and on the outside was painted these words: JESUS SAVES.

The unfortunate thing is you all follow the Old Testament which gives the Chosen people Dominion over all lands, sea, animals and endorses slavery and creates “Subjects” All Abrahamic religions are evil.Thank you, Marcella, for your thoughtful message. In 1562, Queen Elizabeth agreed to let John Hawkins use the mouldering ship for his excursion.

She insisted Hawkins’ new business was absolutely detestable and would certainly “call down vengeance from heaven.”  Until she realized how profitable it was, that is.
The merchants of the region heard about the strength of the army, and they came to the camp with chains and a large amount of money, hoping to buy some Jewish slaves.Jeremiah 5:19 – And it shall come to pass, when ye shall say, Wherefore doeth the LORD our God all these things unto us?

Twenty years after its purchase, the ship, which was in very bad condition, Queen Elizabeth lent it to Sir John Hawkins, who used it as the first English slave ship.Jesus, for instance.
It was purchased by England’s King Henry VIII from the Hanseatic League, a merchant alliance between the cities of Hamburg and Lubeck, both in Germany.

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