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His family owned Heacham manor and his father was a successful merchant in Lynn. William Pierce and John Rolfe owned lands on Mulberry Island in the James River, and William Pierce was one of the most prominent men of the Colony. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. *John Rolfe II, 1585-1622, married 3x's. Captain William Pierce is the brother of my 10thGGF Michael Pierce. He remarried. Boddie, Colonial Surry, p50, says that wife Rolfe and the surviving shipwrecked passengers left Bermuda in 1610. She married John ROLFE 1619 in James City, Virginia, son of John ROLFE and Dorothea MASON. In 1620, Rolfe married Jane Pierce, the daughter of Captain William Pierce, and they had a daughter named Elizabeth. Unfortunately, we can only find one offspring from that relationship, a youngster named John. iii.

Rolfe grew ill in 1621, and he wrote a will, which was drawn up in Jamestown on March 10th of 1621.

Her work has appeared in scholarly publications such as Archaeology Online and Science. John Rolfe came back to Jamestown, rolled cigarettes for a living and married Jane Pierce. (? The will was eventually probated in London on May 21, 1630, and that copy has survived. William Pierce, Who Came to This Country From England (Albany 1889), p. 14]. That makes Elizabeth my 2nd Cousin 10X removed. After Rolfe married Pocahontas, relationships between the British settlers and Pocahontas' tribe settled into a time of friendly commerce and trade. In 1623 and 1624 Captain William Pierce and wife Jane were living at James Town. Essential Facts About the South Carolina Colony Examination of a modern account of Captain William Pierce of Virginia demonstrates conclusively that he was quite a different man from the shipmaster of New England [Virginia M. Meyer and John Frederick Dorman, eds., Adventurers of Purse and Person, 3rd ed. 475-78].Jone Pierce, his wife, and their children : William, Jone, and Thomas, came to Virginia in 1611 on the Blessing. Norfolk, England, Kingdom of England and ScotlandWilliam Peirce and Joan, perhaps Phippen, were the parents of 3 known children: Jane, William and Thomas Pierce. Discussions They had a daughter, Elizabeth. By 1614, active exports of tobacco were being sent back to England, and Rolfe is often credited as the first person to suggest cultivating tobacco as a cash crop in the Americas, the major source of income for Virginia for centuries to follow. John Rolfe had a significant impact on the Jamestown colony in Virginia, in his marriage to Pocahontas which established an eight-year-long peace, and in the creation of a cash crop, tobacco, on which the fledgling colonies could use to survive economically.

In 1621, the Virginia colony began actively raising funds for the College of Henricus, a boarding school for young Native Americans to train them to become more English. His version was named the Orinoco, and it was developed from the combination of a local version and seeds from Trinidad that he had brought with him from Spain or perhaps obtained in Bermuda.

In 1620, Jane, the daughter of Captain William Pierce, married John Rolfe as his third wife. In 1620, Rolfe married Jane Pierce, the daughter of Captain William Pierce, and they had a daughter named Elizabeth. She was the daughter of Captain William Pierce, an English colonist, and Jane Eeles. Over the winter of 1609–1610, the colonists were beset by plague and yellow fever, and sieges by the local inhabitants. )Heacham, Norfolk, England, United KingdomCapt.

Jone also brought with her a young niece [SIC: kin, relationship unclear] The Most Important Inventions of the Industrial Revolution He died soon after the attack.

She also met John Rolfe. Before and after Rolfe returned to his estate in Henricus, he held several prominent positions in the Jamestown colony. Biography.

She married John ROLFE 1619 in James City, Virginia, son of John ROLFE and Dorothea MASON. In March of 1616, Rolfe and Pocahontas started for home, but she was ill and died aboard the ship before it left England. He was born 6 MAY 1585 in Heacham, Norfolk, England, and died 22 MAR 1621 in James City, Virginia. I descend from his union with 3rd wife, *Jane Pierce 1600-1630. Pocahontas had been the favored daughter of Chief Powhatan, and her marriage to Rolfe in 1614 brought over eight years of peace between the settlers and Native Americans, during which the colony was able to produce profitable tobacco. “Her daughter, Jane Pierce, married John Rolfe, the widower of Pocahontas. They lived in James City and he died in the massacre of …

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