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They then test these designs in store, and if the data suggests the designs take off, Zara can quickly order more inventory in the right sizes, in the locations that demanded it. Zara and H&M are beacons of hope for a mostly distressed industry. Data scientist | PhD Physics Engineering . Zara sells over 11,000 distinct items per year versus its competitors that carry 2,000 to 4,000. Most other retailers commit 100% of their designs ahead of a season, and are often left with excess inventory that they then have to discount heavily at season-end. Marta Ferrer Muñoz-Seca. Marta Muñoz-Seca Nardiz.

This is in direct contrast to a close competitor like H&M where 80% of designs are made ahead of the season, and 20% is done in real-time during the season (6). The data about the sale of each SKU, inventory levels in each store, and the speed at which a particular SKU moves from the shelf to the POS is sent on a real time basis to Inditex’s central data processing center (see picture below). Zara has turned the industry on its head by using data and analytics to track demand on a real-time, localized basis and push new inventory in response to customer pull. Denunciar este perfil; Artículos de Javier Andrés. Senior Data Scientist en Inditex Madrid y alrededores, España Más de 500 contactos. sales tracking data is critical in enabling Zara to serve its customers with trends that they actually want, and eliminate designs that don’t have customer pull. As a Data Scientist, my duties are to combine research and business knowledge in order to improve BI processes, and adding value to traditional business issues. Sitio web personal. Assignment: Data and Analytics as… Instead, Zara’s quick replenishment cycles create a sense of scarcity which might actually generate more demand:Zara’s Data Processing Center receives real-time data from around the world (4).Zara’s parent company Inditex has managed to thrive in the last decade while several other fashion retailers have faced declining sales or stagnant growth.

Ana has 4 jobs listed on their profile. Zara uses intensive data and analytics to manage a tight supply chain and give customers exactly what they want. If a customer needs a particular SKU, salespeople are able to serve them better by locating it immediately in store or at a nearby location. Every item of clothing is tagged with an RFID microchip before it leaves a centralized warehouse, which enables them to track that piece of inventory until it is sold to a customer (3). Unirse para conectar. Thanks for the post Ravneet. Unirse para conectar. Lisboa. Moreover, every Zara location receives inventory replenishments twice a week, which is tailored to that stores real-time updates on SKU-level inventory data.ZARA: Achieving the “Fast” in Fast Fashion through Analytics AIDAprima construction timelapse. Every morning, they dive through the sales data from stores across the world to determine what items are selling and accordingly tailor their designs that day. The traditional fashion industry is not well equipped to provide such value as it operates on a bi-annual or seasonal basis, with long production lead times due to outsourced manufacturing to low cost-centers. This lean working capital management offsets their higher production costs and enables them to boast rapid sales turnover rates. the start of the planning process, Zara orders very small batches of any given design from their manufacturers (even just 4-6 of a shirt per store). This enables them to manage one of the most efficient supply chains in the fashion industry, and to create the fast fashion category as a market leader. the apparel arrives in store, RFID enables the stockist to determine which items need replenishing and where they are located, which has made their inventory and stock takes 80% faster than before (3). As Inditex’s communication director told the New York Times, Great post Ravneet – I had never read about Zara’s extremely quick supply chain or hyper-local testing. How Zara Uses Data. The majority of Zara’s factories are located proximally in Europe and North Africa, enabling them to manufacture new designs close to home and ship them to their stores within 2-3 weeks. Every item of clothing is tagged with an RFID microchip before it leaves a centralized warehouse, which enables them to track that piece of inventory until it is sold to a customer (3). Data Scientist at Inditex La Coruña, Galicia / Galiza, España 435 contactos. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Do you think Zara’s advantage could be sustained in the event of a full-on assault by the Amazons of the world?How does fast fashion make any business sense?

However Zara also boasts the lowest year-end inventory levels in the fashion industry. Inditex. Marta Muñoz-Seca Nardiz Técnico de Recursos Humanos en Inditex.

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