horror movie about a group of friends in the woods

When Sarah (Camille Keaton) rents a secluded, lakeside cabin she encounters a group of local thugs who violently rape her multiple times. Try not to squirm as you watch the infamous bathtub scene. I suppose that people typically group this in with other zombie movies, but I definitely think it earns a spot amongst all other “trapped in isolation against something trying to kill you” films. So many names, one big legend. On a quiet suburban street named Elm Street, a group of teenagers begin to fall victim to Freddy Krueger, a razor-clawed killer who haunts their dreams. Anyways, if you’re a teen attending summer camp and someone disappears or dies, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. To keep this resource 100% free, we receive compensation for many of the products and services listed on the site. If you can believe it, things don't go exactly according to plan. Bigfoot was made for horror. )In the stark outback, this terrifying road trip ends up in a blood curdling fight for survival against a cruel and psychotic murderer.…or the idea of creepy maniacs with a sick taste for torture and murder.Cabin Fever is considered one of the best horror movies about camping, where a group of teenagers become trapped in the woods after being infected by a gruesome, flesh-eating virus.The dark foreboding creeps up on you as the story unfolds, revealing frightening secrets about her father’s avid interest in the archaeological dig at the lake, which was once a sacred Etruscan site.More than just a movie set in a creepy cabin, this Aussie thriller follows young backpackers who unwittingly cross the path of a sadistic killer with a bloody taste for torture.Advertiser Disclosure: Backpackerverse.com is a free online resource that offers valuable content and comparison services to users. Anyways, a big theme in cabin horror films are being isolated in the wilderness, trying to fight back the unknown. Backpackerverse.com does not include the entire universe of available offers. So I’m almost jealous that[TIFF Review] ‘Violation’ Approaches Rape-Revenge Extremity with Deeply Intimate Portrayal of TraumaCannibalistic Pilgrims Attack in Thanksgiving Slasher ‘The Last Thanksgiving’ [Trailer]Watch the Trailers for ALL FOUR Brand New Blumhouse Horror Movies Coming to Amazon in October!Definitely not your traditional horror film, and even as far as ANY genre of film go, Lars von Trier’sConsidering how big writer/director Eli Roth’s reputation is in contemporary horror circles, both positive and negative, it’s crazy to me that he’s only directed 4 feature-length films. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. He was just a guy trying to borrow some sugar and these little pigs started acting like jerks.VR Experience ‘Jurassic World Aftermath’ Brings Dino Terror to the Oculus Quest [Trailer]Exclusive ‘Alone’ Clip Begs for Release from Captor [Video]Documentary ‘Hail to the Deadites’ Celebrates ‘Evil Dead’ Fandom With New Trailer and Poster ArtOriginal ‘Friday the 13th’ Has Been Newly Remastered for Theatrical Re-Release in October!Laced Records Announces Vinyl Edition of ‘Resident Evil 5’ Soundtrack[Preview] ‘Remothered: Broken Porcelain’ Looks Set to Be a Superior Sequel to the Promising Italian Survival HorrorOne of the most common reasons for characters to find themselves in a cabin in the woods in horror films is the excuse of a summer camp. This turn of events leaves her so damaged psychologically that she turns the table and plans the violent torture and murder of her attackers. But Bigfoot in particular is well-suited for horror movies. 28-oct-2012 - Mike G descrubrió este Pin. With the upcoming release of The Cabin in the Woods on Blu-ray and DVD this Monday, here are some top horror movies that feature a group of friends being terrorized. Along with key review factors, this compensation may impact how and where products appear across the site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Four friends decide to go on a hiking trip to honor a friend who was killed. If it wasn’t for vacations or summer camps, would there really be ANY people going to the woods? Yes, perhaps the plot line seems overdone in horror, but this one is different. [TIFF Review] ‘Shadow in the Cloud’ Throws a Promising Premise Into FreefallOrion Bringing Fresh Werewolf Horror Home in October With ‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ [Trailer]The CW Announces a Third Season of “Two Sentence Horror Stories”*Editor’s note: There actually is a cabin at the end ofYup, that’s right, I like Alexandre Aja’s remake of Wes Craven’sThese kind of films are among my favorite in horror, I love a good rural setting. Bipedal Bob. And think about how much more vulnerable a tent is than a cabin! Sound familiar? * 10: ANTICHRIST. Let’s just call that a cabin. Well, a forest AND snow. So head inside for The Wolfman’s[Review] “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous” Surprises with Thrilling Family-Friendly Intro to FranchiseStory-Driven Horror in ‘This is The Zodiac Speaking’ Comes Home on October 15Sign up to receive the latest horror news, access to exclusive contests, and updates.

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