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Like Etsy, there is a constant learning curve. And I stopped listening to the “your business needs this to succeed” advice.A miserable failure is just as interesting as the time you made 50 gazillion dollars posting pictures of your dog on Instagram.Not to mention — these weren’t very HIGH QUALITY customers. And to cold traffic! Make, buy, and sell on It was hard to get back to that $0.04 to $0.08 cost per click range. What about the first promotion you created that BOMBED? Get my most rebellious tricks here:The small handful of people who bought from my Facebook ad were the MOST F*CKING EXPENSIVE customers I have paid forIt was widely accepted as the ONLY way to make sales online.When I watch the BRAG-fest that’s been occurring recently, I can’t help but roll my eyes a bit.How do you feel about my current state of biz Anarchy?

Make, buy, and sell on Later I chose higher performing posts of items for sale and boosted those periodically.

About 85% of my sales come from there and Instagram. (Although, following our advice, she sent people to a page on her blog and then redirected to her Etsy shop. These categories are likely to boost your shop and create that buzz you deserve!I started by spending $2000 on a course (by a HUGELY famous self-proclaimed Facebook millionaire) so I could teach myself to be a hardcore Facebook Guru.Which made me wonder: if everyone on the f*cking PLANET says something works for them…Why is it not working for me?? Αρέσει σε 3,7 εκ. )As of this recording, it's possible to install the Facebook pixel on Pattern. )With Etsy, you can’t directly track how people get to your shop. Updates to Advertising with Etsy Hey there! But I sent them out like clockwork, every single month.I spend about $900/month on Facebook ads forHow Facebook managed to make half a person buy from me,Every single email that pops into my inbox is DRIPPING with someone bragging about their results lately.I decided not to touch Facebook with a 10-foot pole.And after power editors, cost-per-click, conversion rates and about 50 columns of crap I learned every detail about (for no reason at all whatsoever)…Because apparently, every single person who’s EVER used Facebook ads is now a **MILLIONAIRE** (eye roll) and they made all that money OVERNIGHT while sleeping soundly.If so, check out some of my favorite buck-the-trend Etsy strategies. I eat that shit up.I tweaked, I looked at my ads every day, I made sure that mine performed exactly like the example in the course.Hey guess what? Her fear of getting something wrong, and hesitancy to do the work knowing it would require tweaking, stopped her for several months. Make, buy, and sell on Pattern also allows for Google Analytics tracking, which is a huge advantage! What a great strategy to run ads to create sales during a slow time! I found them just as expensive as google ads and my budget was used up quicklyI am glad to know that I was able to use a 10 credit. Especially if you're getting affordable clicks like Melissa!« Recapturing Self and Business with Beryl YoungPress play on the podcast player below to learn how you can make sales using ads too!This audience was even more targeted than an email list since it was created to resemble actual purchasers. I just started this week and have received a lot of likes and many more views in my Etsy shop from facebook. ? I would like to know if it helps someone. Her current campaign averages $0.09 per click.Follow her on Facebook to watch her wonderful weekly show,(Isn’t Melissa totally an encyclopedia of information!?

3,7 M ember kedveli.

Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. You can’t advertise on the Etsy site without paying some sort of fee – whether that is through Etsy Ads or by paying to be listed on the “Featured” page. Any thoughts on targeting painting sales on fb?What is the link for paying a Facebook user to post your page? Even if you can’t use the Facebook pixel on Etsy, you can still do some detective work and see how it’s helping your shop.

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