driven in a sentence

Work began on the new berth last summer and involved piles of more than 30 ft beingMr Wild said it was pitch black at night and she could see nothing, but heard one of the vehicles beingThe crowds who showed up long after the excitement had ebbed were notFor those who believe that big salaries should just get bigger, the implication is that top people areThe marina is so large that several golf carts with trailers areAs southern cotton growers reduced production in return for federal payments, tenant farmers wereBy now, Michelle had miraculously gained entry and wasEdmund rallied his forces, and for a little while it seemed that the Danes might still beThe wringer with its flexible rubber rollers is electricallyShe is spontaneous with a great sense of humour, humble yet at the same timeHer disdain is getting personal, her subject matter less ephemeral, as she scolds rich AmericansOh of course, he is as totally pure as theHyslop and Sturgeon are both in their 30s, both brought up in Ayrshire, bothWilkinson is a desperately complex person,In an increasing state of desperation, they find themselvesFamily-run farms and workshops were gobbled up by capitalist giants, and their ownersOne of the most mild-mannered people I know isThe insurance companies in their standard policies exclude damage resulting from water, even if that water isYou can imagine my utter disbelief then, when the cab turned up and turned out to beIt will also need a radical rethink of some of our current sacred cows in foreign policy, e.g., the extent to which it isSeveral days out, however, a storm arose and the vessel wasMuch of the growth in a perceived middle class, Nijman argues, is based not on income but on consumptionThese poor dumb harmless animals are cruelly caught in a trap made of a short chain and wire rope and a three-foot barWhile he was inside the shop, he saw his dark blue car beingMany of these important historic racing cars areAs illustrated in this publication, we have already landed on it andFrom a standing start six months ago, the party has devised andYou can actually see the scratchiness in the lines, evidence of actual pensThe execution of two police officers in cold blood has shocked the city andThe trust added that junior pupils tend to beThe fires knocked out a number of vital systems, including main propulsion, and she was left wallowing in 25 ft wavesGlobalisation and economic rationalisationYou encourage as many sites as possible to shove up ads in exchange for a take of any revenueThe same vice affects some people who seemNot a problem, and I was feeling pretty sober, even if the car, being a manual, was something I hadn'tWhen it comes to that aspect in my life, I'm a pure as the cleanBut whereas Bezukhov is redeemed by his magnanimous virtures, Soledad isMany prosthetic hands were simple clamps or hooksWhen the Makahs stopped whaling in the 1920s it was because commercial whalers, harpooning all they could find, had nearlyMr Thomas said the steady increase in sales was beingIn fact, they describe him as an extremelyThey must pay off their back tax and show that the vehicles are properly insured before they can beThe past few years of ugly gridlocked bloodsport politics haveEnclosures were made of plastic mesh stapled to wooden stakesThe recent mad cow crisis is only the latest in a series of food scares that haveAs well as boxing, this avid sportsman is a former golf, squash and tennis enthusiast, hasFood scares such as mad cow disease and E. coli contaminations haveIt should go without saying that his ideas about how to fight poverty are as a batty as they come, completelyObjects with a wide variety of weight can be supported by a metal hook on a long tapered nailMany bridges were blocked by demonstrators, and taxicabs and busesElderly residents in a Maldon street have beenEric still owns a clean driving licence, although he has notThough with these two highest ranked contestants in this competition being asA challenge facing the designers is that the tunnel will beThis lack may be projected onto their culture, particularly if the lack is due to a culturallyMany of them are religious, but they are notBut are birds unfeeling, mechanical songsters,In the financial marketplace, the value of a stock can beRising competition and overcapacity in the panel-producing industry hasSome teachers, on the other hand, wait until their exit interview to voice concerns about conditions that have worn them down andThe girl who acted in the very same ways I did,It never failed to amaze Charles how brilliant andFrom time to time, the unending song, gentlyIt looks like the touch holes were plugged from the inside and then a steel cup wasThe engine is front mounted and the car isSome of the concern over student debt is likelyIt was cold and dry, and their footprints were quickly obliterated by the powdery snowOur analysis of 1170 mammalian karyotypes provides strong evidence that karyotypic evolution isTaylor drove off and rammed head-on into a carThe potential new species strides ahead up the fitness curve, leaving its more poorly-adapted predecessors languishing behind, to the point when they areThe focus of mining then shifted back to the upper level, and during the 1980s a tunnel wasSo the idea that somehow we are as pure asWith technology came motor-powered vehicles and cycles and bicycles are beingFor millions of poor peasants, it will mean beingThe plot of a film noir, generically speaking, is an ironic romance in which the knight's quest isWith winds backing to the south and the southwest the fall-out from nuclear explosions would beA council spokesperson said the junior wardens were literallyBut their forebears were, generations ago,While I waited I realized that I hadn't taken a good look at him since havingIf you take two long-haul flights a year, you are emitting as much carbon as if you hadNeighbours woken by her screams tried to save the girls, but wereSpecies introduced to control one pest haveThat leaves some energy market experts to believe the previous run-up in oil prices was largelyPresident Johnson promised a War on Poverty,On September 26, officers were targeted after approaching a car,The engines had twin overhead camshafts which were gearIn several previous shipwrecks sailors have beenAll I wanted to do was to survive and really wasAt the Daly mine they observed work in progress on the tunnel beingMeg may think she's improved Medicare, rebadging the new charityTroubadours and minstrels used to be homeless buskers,Once the piles are in the ground, they will remain 600 mm above the surface for a week while they are monitored, and thenFigure 185 shows a zinc tally, which is secured to the tree by means of a sharp and pointed wireThey are hoping the work will be completed today and that it will give them the registration number of the carThe child was in collision with a black Chrysler Voyager estate carThis would affect a lot of people because many bankrupts, shall we say, are not entirely pure as theHe says those failures occur because many independent labels are artistHe explained that power lines were particularly vulnerable to wet snowBrown's car rammed a Nissan Wingroad station wagonAs such tell-alls have made clear, she is aHe half-heartedly nodded his greetings at several gentlemen who'd yelled their hellos to him from across the room, but he was tooBy the time we got to the end of the test drive that day, the furl warning lights were on in nearly every car and you knew you hadThe male sharks enter the cove with considerably more speed,Early on, bingeing, vomiting and restricting food are usuallyUntil the fairgrounds started to use petrol and diesel engines their rides wereIt lacks narrative forms, is not reducible to conventional proverbs, and isSecure the board to the frame using small finish nailsThirty years ago, packaging machines were primarily mechanicallyThe boxes are then loaded onto a refrigerated lorry andAn employee of the plant recognised the forklift truck as it wasBegin by anchoring the board firmly in place at the starting point, using wooden stakesThe differences in overall victimization areHaving invited her on board for a chat, he refused to let her go until the bus hadLikewise, in a famous passage, Buridan isPhilip, from Chadderton, near Oldham, had restored andA diverse mix of nearly 400 people discussed ways to improve forest health and address wildfire risks through locallyWe have been told by the police it would appear the vehicle was beingFor well over its first century, American foreign policy was a partnership between government and business,Officers spotted the car, which was towing a speed boat on a trailer, beingLast week saw 23 car bombs, six of which wereBut the French Army rallied, the enemy wasI also hear that we have got so besotted with cleansing ourselves to the point of theAnd he did so with an enviable manual dexterityThen, of course, as time went on, it was discovered that perhaps it was not as pure as theBut those boys have stolen everything I have in life and have nowStorm surges are unusual elevations in sea level that areMeanwhile, bran Co. are moving north to the Wall,From available evidence, it is believed that the short tunnel wasRichard Robidoux, the project manager for E. D. Swett, Inc., said a hundred piles wereThe official line is that the blocks will stop a truckThe ship could not weather the Cape Jackson point and was graduallyMr Braun said he hadn't seen a fall in takings to date but feared that shoppers would beIf, at the same time, we understand divine judgment as kenotic and eschatological, we will beFill the tank again, note the amount of litres taken and divide the number of milesA quantum computer is an extremely small photonIn one story, a professor of classics is nearlyThey coordinated work at seven different sites across the island, in a projectThe section start and end positions were indicated with marker posts on the side of the road plus a steel rod wasBut the current recessionary trends are beingThe high seas harbour a host of job opportunities for thoseHe hopped into the Range Rover and was swiftlyIt might contain taxonomic or classificatory work, which is worthwhile but notI cannot describe to you my shock and fear at being woken by the vulgarities of a loutish young whelp, who hadTo me it makes perfect, dangerous sense that intelligent,After the American Revolution another influx of refugees arrived, Loyalists who like the Acadians had beenIn the last year, the mobile lab was alsoAn adolescent heterosexual male, for example, is certainlySelf-regulation is now a well-established mechanism, though sometimes crudelyThese cars are different to any other car I haveBut as we have learned in this contest, Clarke is not exactly pure as theHis comedy timing is impeccable and he was equally at home as a man of action or aIn fact they, we, are all wired together, and only theOn one side of the main building there were four washing machines and two wringers, which wereIn this, Grosvenor confounds every preconception you might have about highlyTheir huge array of instruments includes guitars, banjo, mandolin, bass, piano, organ, tabla and djembe, making this gig a must for all lovers of acousticThe ship was launched in 1843 and was the first screwThe show has been accused of peddling the kind of tawdry sentiment that hasIn what amounted to the ultimate consumer perk, we wereTemperate zones, such as Europe, get more of their rain in the winter from the effect of low-pressure zones coming in from the AtlanticFor hardwoods, such as flooring, siding and rafters, use spiral threaded nails that turn as they areTraditional values are so perverted by slavery that Sethe isLela looked up, trying to hide her amusement as they saw Stasia, obviouslyMark Jurkowitz, one of the authors of the Pew study, says the ideologicallyOne person had a bad cold and another had accidentallyAt a time when radio comedy in Britain was often extremely mannered andThe frustration is so great that the black character believes that he might wind up in a lunatic cell,

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