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What was to be done with the president of Moscow University, Prince Troubetskoi, who turned that famous institution of learning into a radical campus? Lincoln said that all the massed armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined could not take a drink from the Ohio, but American culture has been decaying throughout my lifetime, as must any organism. Raymond Chandler wrote, in his essay “The Simple Art of Murder” (1939), that it is near impossible to craft a good murder mystery, as it requires two otherwise unconnected skills: the ability to write beautifully and the ability to fashion a I’ve been puzzled for a while by the absence in this virulent movement not only of a handy name (for leftism defines the thing only in relation to its opposite) but of a leader. For, even if the hidden trauma is “correctly” determined, this can mean nothing more than that it has been identified in a way sufficiently satisfying to doctor and patient as to be acceptable; and the very fact that the patient accepts a psychoanalytic solution (which, again, is merely suppositional) might argue for its falsity. Most plays, and all dramas, conclude, “Well, I suppose life is just like that.” This is sufficient to get the audience back into their cars, but by half the drive home, the play is forgotten.

Posted on September 18, 2020 September 18, 2020 by RogerG. Why has the Left, intent on destroying the West, put forth no leader, and why has no leader put himself forward to fill the vacuum of power? concealed from the media how few coronavirus cases had been traced to bars and restaurants in the city, according to emails sent between the mayor's office and the city's health department. One morning he awoke and realized that the problem (that he could find no errors) was, of course, the solution: It would have been impossible for an Allied spy in Nazi Holland to transmit—in haste and in hiding, risking death—without errors in the transmission. Solutions offered thus flatter our ability to identify a problem, suggest its cure, and remind us to come back tomorrow for another dose.The attempt to interpret these actions, to determine the underlying assumptions, and, so, possibly, arrange them for the understanding of the group, the family, or the individual, is a search for a unifying key. The two skills—while not mutually exclusive per se—are unlikely to be found fully developed in any practitioner, because to achieve excellence, he or she would have to devote all energy to one or the other. They here are like the ghoul Rumpelstiltskin, whose power disappeared when the victim said his name. After Robin Williams hanged himself in 2014, the media speculated that financial troubles or depression related to drug or alcohol use might have been the cause. A reader responds to Theodore Kupfer and Ramesh Ponnuru’s article, “Coronavirus Lockdowns: Going the Distance.”

John James, the Michigan GOP’s Rising StarThe builders of the Tower of Babel suffered from hubris. Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand and Netflix series offer a course in narcissism. People are a mess. Princeton Falls Victim to the Left’s Catch-22 on Racial Justice Any country is a mess and it’s always the rich and the poor, and this race and that race, and the old and the young. The journey of Oedipus begins because there is a plague on Thebes; it is the king’s job to conquer it. We had, on April Fool’s Day 2020, two events warring for pride of place in our reconstruction of the tragic cryptogram: the pandemic, and the election of Donald Trump. It is fairly useless as a clinical tool (for, finally, the “solution” is as moot as is, in most cases, the complaint). He may walk the cat both backward and forward, discovering, in his own, unconscious creative process, the hidden key, which resolves his disparate perceptions and creations (an event, a line, an interchange) into that whole that may at the play’s end be revealed as a progression—that is, as a surprise.I now learn from David Kahn the same lesson I saw in the storefronts: The cipher cannot be resolved without possession of the Drama acts similarly, engaging us in the assurance that the cause of all problems is evident, and that our reason will suffice to cure them. Perhaps the Left’s inability to propose a leader—and, so, a coherent (even if loathsome) vision—is not a problem but a The Black Death reached Europe through rats on merchant ships from the Orient, the Spanish flu was spread here largely by servicemen returning from Europe, and so on, and so on. Traditional Chinese Medicine as Soft-Power PlayThings age, mature, and die. A new alphabet is a code. One did or did not do or say this or that; one keeps marrying the wrong guy, or forgetting one’s car keys, Aunt Mae always arrives late, and so on. We’re always at each other’s throats all the time.” The Pulitzer-prize-winning playwright, Oscar-nominated screenwriter and tireless controversialist pauses for breath. What was to be done with that brilliant Professor Milukoff, who felt it his duty to denounce the regime in foreign lands, undermining our credit abroad and gladdening the hearts of our foes?

He could find no error in the transmissions, but his suspicions would not go away. What was to be done with our press who met with rousing cheers every news of our defeat on the Japanese front?He has supplanted previous attempted solutions to panic, but universal and vicious loathing comes close, in its virulence, to revealing the key, and thus the presence of an underlying code.

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