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Admittedly having the rights on ESPN+ would be great.I will likely fill out a form in support of the channel, but also cancel my $10 Sports Package with U-Verse sometime this week if the issues are not resolved. So not the same option. Sling international has a sports pack that gives you be in sports for $10.This is not the time to be chasing them around from provider to provider.That stinks as they also removed Bein espanol from the DTV Now’s deportes package as well.f**k.. Just found out about this this morning. remember Setanta sports and fox soccer channel with the UCL and euro league too ( was good to watch when HSV was still decent) Gol TV was my first choice channel and brought me to Sat TV away form local cable channels but then GolTV went away from Dish – and Direct TV and NFL network so it was a win win to switch to Direct but since ATT bought them -I hate monopolies, Dtv has gone down but the price gone up.

Forgot email or Access ID? New to the AT&T Community? College Football The more requests they get, the more likely it is that they will add beIN Sport. I guess I’m one of the few that enjoyed BEIN and the commentators but if BEIN is out then it would be nice if La Liga can step up and do something. So beIN has been a specialty sports channel, not included in the normal packages but an optional pack. Not a DIRECTV customer? I was not aware it is available on YouTube.In a downward spiral that’s quickly resembling what happened to GolTV and how they were practically wiped off the map by the largest TV distributors in the United States, beIN SPORTS is in danger of becoming a niche broadcaster after DIRECTV and AT&T U-Verse this week removed them from their channel lineups. ATP World Tour

Unfortunately we have been spoiled for so many years. That would affect many customers who do not watch beIN. Getting into the weeds there if you need to list that as prime content on a channel.Bein Sports is the worst network in any country for any sport….what other network insists on covering up the play with ribbon ads promoting other shows, or covering up play with inane Man of the Match nonsense….as if the idiot Phil Shoen wasn’t enough, but at least you can turn the sound off….anyone but BEIN pleaseYour right – changing is not easy – and if you have to add a service with a 2 year agreement all what ATT does or Dirctvt di – then your in trouble. Showing nothing but golf all summer doesn’t work either since the demographic tends to be older, wealthier viewers and should belong on cable. comcast owns the biggest competitor network to beinsports.

Ray Hudson, Kay Murray and all the on-air talent are for the most part top notch. However, will need to subscribe to B/R Live ($10 month) to get access to the games they don’t show on TNT. BEIN is gone from ATT/U-Verse U-450. ALOT of people I know are pist off and watch Bein sports for the La Liga games and it absolutely should be a mainstream channel! The only major sports network without a soccer presence at the moment is CBS. I had subscribed to Direct TV Sports Pack for several years to get BEIN, and just called this afternoon to cancel the service and let them know why. Each channel carries different programming. MLS DIRECT KICK: Available on DIRECTV. AT&T’s DirecTV and DirecTV Now services have dropped beIN Sports from their channel lineups in a fee dispute. Get DIRECTV. Programming and scheduling may vary between channels. “Despite beIN Sports USA’s offer to extend its contract with AT&T-DirecTV and DirecTV Now, they chose to abruptly cease negotiations … He has been interviewed by The New York Times, The Guardian and several other publications. If you have monthly discounts, then end after so much time as listed on the bill. Like I said, don't expect this to be resolved any time soon. So not the same option. Kind of ionic, the same time LA LIGA is announcing regular season games in the US to expand the brand the TV channel is dropped !! BeIN is likely feeling the pressure to expand and gain wider carriage or risk renewal of rights in 2020 since La Liga is seeking just that. Personally, I don't watch that channel and don't want to pay more for it.

Not a DIRECTV customer? euro football, WC, UCL – I LOVE IT ALL. #KeepbeIN #StopCarrierBarriers When they started adding volleyball, handball, motocross and FIBA (I thought, “God there was already plenty of sh&t that I didn’t watch in my DIRECTV package on the American outlets, But you’ve got to put an American sport on this ‘Int’l” channel, too?” Then they added college American football and, even worse, “pro” Wrestling, and I was disgusted.

BeIN wants more money than DirecTV is willing to pay. So many changes this year with FS1 and FS2 losing the rights to the Champions League and Europa League to TNT and “Bleacher Report Live,” BEIN losing Serie A to ESPN+, and now BEIN being dropped entirely by Direct TV.

More info at “As the exclusive rights-holder to LaLiga through until the end of the 2019/2020 season in the United States, beIN SPORTS televises arguably the most attractive soccer league in the world.”What happened to Champions League coverage on FS 1 and FS 2 on Frontier? I’m worried that beIN is going to go out of business soon and we won’t get any of the leagues they broadcast.

    Our name refers to our desire to have our audience “be in” the games and international competition, as well as be inspired by and be involved in sport. Start by visiting the For a list of TV providers that offer beIN SPORTS CONNECT But this sucks – make no mistake…Bundesliga TV schedule and streaming linksAwful or not, there is nothing about CBS’ movements that portends them getting in the soccer game any time soon.

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