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Peirces experiment inspired other researchers in psychology and education which developed a research tradition of randomized experiments in laboratories and specialized textbooks in the 1800s. This should be no more than one paragraph. Organizing Academic Research Papers A standard is not set but follow the research paper outline example below: (INSERT PDF: Research Paper Outline Example) If you encountered problems when gathering or analysing data, describe these and explain how they influenced the results.As well as giving your own interpretations, make sure to relate your results back to the scholarly work that you surveyed in the literature review. It has to be presented in an understandable and intriguing way to the readers who are interested in studying the analysis of results. The purpose of the discussion is to interpret and describe the significance of your findings in light of what was already known about the research problem being investigated, and to explain any new understanding or fresh insights about the problem after you've taken the findings into consideration. The second to last step in conducting a research study is to interpret the findings in the Discussion section, draw conclusions, and make recommendations. Begin this part of the section by repeating what you consider to be your most important finding first.The discussion section should end with a concise summary of the principal implications of the findings regardless of statistical significance. Here are the major elements to keep in mind while writing the discussion section; 1.

Please click the checkbox on the left to verify that you are a not a bot.For example, if your sample size was small or limited to a specific group of people, note that this limits its generalisability.

For example, if you studied the impact of foreign aid on increasing levels of education among the poor in Bangladesh, it's generally not appropriate to speculate about how your findings might apply to populations in other countries without drawing from existing studies to support your claim. This should be no more than one paragraph. No study is so novel or possesses such a restricted focus that it has absolutely no relation to other previously published research. This paragraph should begin with a description of the unexpected finding, followed by a brief interpretation as to why you believe it appeared and, if necessary, its possible significance in relation to the overall study. The Discussion section of a quantitative paper is where you interpret your research results and discuss their implications. If you’re unsure of the best structure for your research, look at Any limitations of the research have been acknowledged and evaluated.Relevant literature and theory has been cited.As there is not always a clear separation between the discussion and the conclusion, we have combined them into one checklist.

Avoiding Plagiarism Scientific research articles provide a method for scientists to communicate with other scientists about the results of their research. The content of the discussion section of your paper most often includes: Explanation of results: Comment on whether or not the results were expected for each set of findings; go into greater depth to explain findings that were unexpected or especially profound. You can also begin by highlighting the most significant or unexpected results.

You shouldn’t, however, rearrange or repeat the introduction section of your paper as the discussion. Before you plan on writing a well-researched paper, make a rough draft. Brainstorm again and again! If appropriate, note any unusual or unanticipated patterns or trends that emerged from your results and explain their meaning in relation to the research problem. Research Paper Outline Example. A few historical references may be helpful for perspective but most of the references should be relatively recent and included to aid in the interpretation of your results and/or linked to similar studies. The discussion is connected to the introduction section through the hypotheses or research questions you posed in the literature review. to formulate a deeper, more profound understanding of the research problem you are studying.Academic Writing Style Most of these components can appear in both sections.The results have been discussed and interpreted in relation to the research objectives.Suggestions for further research can lead directly from the limitations.

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