accounting for rebates on fixed assets

(1) An item of fixed assets is eliminated from the financial statement on disposal. Please Note that this Accounting Standard on Accounting for Fixed Assets has now been deprecated , and new revised A.S - 10 Property,Plan and Equipment has been issued by ICAI, You can read summary note on Revised Accounting Standard 10 and ICAI copy of revised A.S -10 Here. When an asset is revalued upwards, normally the asset account will be debited to the extent of the increase and the owners’ funds credited under the head revaluation reserve. However, expenditure incurred after the commencement of commercial production cannot be capitalized. However before that ensure that the actual cost of the asset, teh amount stated in the bill & the amount paid to the supplier should match each other. systematic basis. However, if the revaluation increase is related to and not greater than a decrease arising on revaluation done earlier and such a decrease had been charged to the profit and loss statement, then the increase in value on the current revaluation can be credited to the profit and loss statement. Balance the fixed asset …

After revaluation, the provision for depreciation should be based on the revalued amount and on the revised estimated useful life of the assets. Any expenditure which results in the acquisition of a fixed asset must be capitalized. consideration in money or money's worth has been paid for it and this goodwill Enter opening balances were necessary and update the fixed asset account with any transactions that have occurred during the period.

and designs of buildings, or design of the machinery should be capitalised This basis should be disclosed.Amount paid for know how for the plans, layout However, if the decrease is related to any increase given effect to the asset in a previous valuation and such increase had been credited to the revaluation reserve, then the current decrease can also be set off against the revaluation reserve.The revaluation reserve is regarded as not available for distribution. 2.

(vi) The other method of recording the cost of an asset acquired through a trade-in is to capitalize it at the fair market value of the acquired asset if such fair market value is more readily ascertainable. They are not intended for resale. is related to an increase which was previously recorded as a credit to revaluation According to AS-10 Accounting for Fixed Assets’, cost is directly attributable cost of bringing the assets to its working condition. However, if such spares can be used specifically for a particular fixed asset, then the total cost of the spares should be allocated on a systematic basis over the expected useful life of the assetIf the rate of interest charged by the seller is not known, then the cash value of the asset must be determined after assuming an appropriate rate of interest. (i) Interest payable on loans or deferred credits taken for the acquisition or construction of fixed assets for the period up to the completion of construction or acquisition of the fixed assets should be capitalized. that to the extent that such a loss is related to an increase which was directly to revaluation reserve account.

reserve and which has not been subsequently reversed or utilised,it may be charged According to AS-10 which deals with the accounting for fixed assets, revaluation of assets should not be done on a selective basis. If any balancing payment is made or received in cash or other consideration, then such payment or receipt should be used to adjust the fair market value or net book value of the asset given up.When an asset is revalued upwards, the accumulated depreciation for the asset cannot be credited to the profit and loss statement.

(3) In historical cost financial statements, gains or losses arising on disposal are generally recognised in the profit and loss statement.The accounting standard defines the fair market value as the price that would be agreed to in an open and unrestricted market between knowledgeable and wiling parties dealing at arm’s length and who are fully informed and are not under any compulsion to transact. Full Text of AS 10 Accounting for Fixed AssetsWhen a fixed asset is revalued in financial statements, an entire class of assets As per the AS any discount or rebates received on the purchase of FA shud be reduced from the cost of the asset.. The amount standing in revaluation reserve following the retirement or disposal of an asset which relates to that asset may be transferred to general reserve. Fixed Asset is an asset held with the intention of being used for the purpose of producing or providing goods or services and is not held for sale in the normal course of business. date of the revaluation should not be credited to the profit and loss statement.An increase in net book value arising on revaluation of fixed assets should be When the historical cost changes due to these factors, the depreciation should be provided on the revised balance of cost in the asset account over the remaining useful life.

plant and machinery etc., the management should apportion such consideration Any trade discounts and rebates offered by the supplier are to be deducted.Controlling: Meaning, Definitions, Characteristics, Principles, Types and TechniquesTop 2 Methods of Accounting for Amalgamation (iv) The cost of a self-constructed asset will consist of all expenses that relate directly to the asset and those that are attributable to the construction activity in general and can be allocated to the specific assets.Accounting Theory: Role, Levels and Methodology Also as per the standard, the revaluation should not cause the net book value of the class to which the assets belong being stated at a value higher than the net recoverable amount of that class. (ii) Machinery spares are usually charged to the profit and loss statement as and when consumed.

(iv) Professional fees such as fees of architects and engineers. manufacturing process as well as plans, drawings and designs for buildings, Such change in the value of the assets is called revaluation.

AS 10 - Accounting for Fixed Assets.

Goodwill is recorded in the books only when some

Financial Accounting for the Hospitality, Tourism and Retail Sectors Slide Handouts Chapter 9 20 Steps in accounting for depreciation 1.

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