Listening research

All three tests require participant responses to specific auditory and visual recorded stimuli.

Listening instruction, once neglected, has become increasingly common. After using Listenwise Premium for three years, Clovis North High School students listening scores increased by 26 percentage points, an increase of 15 percentage points higher than their district average.Access to academic language, channeled through engaging content, is invaluable for Lowell’s booming population of English Language Learners. An effective listener not only processes information effectively, but also and often more importantly demonstrates interest in the speaker. King and Behnke (1989) demonstrated that, while increases in communication load (information divided by time) did not affect listening tasks relying on short-term memory or interpretation of paralinguistics, load increases had a direct, linear relationship to listening tasks involving long-term memory. In other words, any increase in the speed of the stimulus led to a concomitant decrease in retention. Possibly due to the focus of this early work, listening was reified as distinct and unique, functioning independently of other communicative behaviors. Active listening has met with widespread acclaim for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is its sensitivity to the maxim “First, do no harm.” Today, it has become pervasive in the field of clinical psychology (Bozarth et al.

Our white paper highlights some of the key research in this area as we consider the value of listening skills for our children. And just as theories of message production and processing account for nonconscious message encoding (Greene 1997), understandings of message reception should account for largely automatic forms of listening behavior.Each of these approaches involves measuring several types, or aspects, of listening: for example, following instructions, remembering information presented in short talks, recognizing central ideas, correctly inferring the meaning of statements from both verbal context and nonverbal cues, resisting distractions, and differentiating facts from opinions. Get discount 10% for the first order. Our research has potential implications for research involving studies assessing the effectiveness of active listening dyads with long relationship histories, such as marital intervention research (e.g., Cole & Cole, 1999; Schilling, Baucom, Burnett, Allen, & Ragland, 2003). Proficiency in listening is a major concern in business and industry (Wolvin & Coakley 1991).

Researchers must continue to dismantle the structures that allowed for research on Indigenous people and develop Indigenous-centred practices that allow for research with and by Indigenous peoples and communities.

In addition, it was assumed that spoken material could be time-compressed to almost twice normal speed with little or no loss of comprehension. However, there are practical benefits to be gained from this approach: it permits educators to focus on specific information-processing behaviors that can be improved, which has proven fruitful (Brownell 1990).

(Nichols & Stevens 1957).

While this approach has frequently been the subject of scholarly inquiry and reflection (Weaver & Kirtley 1995), it is most often seen in clinical and instructional materials in areas such as counseling, interviewing, mentoring, mediation, and general interpersonal communication. Because listening was originally conceived as unitary and distinct, while our current understanding is that it involves a large number of information-processing skills, efforts to define listening have been numerous and agreement on a common definition does not exist.

In turn, social cognition scholarship tends to be composed primarily of pure, or conceptual, research, and may benefit by application in the practical, everyday contexts of listening. Similarly, Shannon and Weaver’s (1949) model of communication included the receiver as an independent component in the communication process. Now there is new research evidence concerning a growing number of children who fail to develop adequate reading comprehension skills primarily due to poor listening comprehension. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Among these are the Kentucky Comprehensive Listening Test (Bostrom & Waldhart 1980), the Watson-Barker Listening Test (Watson & Barker 1983), and the Communication Competency Assessment Instrument (Rubin 1982).Educators who teach and study listening have tended to engage in certain arbitrary short cuts: studying message reception in relative isolation from message encoding, or studying the auditory (hearing) aspects of message reception in relative isolation from the visual aspects of communication.

In fact, scholars are now examining the nexus between message decoding and encoding, and have documented differing patterns of language when thinking for (the purpose of) speaking and thinking for listening (Dipper et al. Special offer! 2006).Increases in communication load have also been shown to impact levels of affect and anxiety toward the information being presented. “On the Importance of Listening Comprehension” Listening comprehension is a fundamental building block to reading comprehension development.

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