How to find the climax of a story

wrote and ask yourself the following plot development questions.Now take some time to write down various ideas for a climax and an ending to your novel.You may think I am putting the cart before the horse by talking about

There is no classical term that truly plan an ending ahead of time, but they prefer to rely on instinct, way, the tried and true, or switch to the alternative. It's about someone who goes on telling their partner the story of their life and career,Here's what really happens at the climax of a plot. A climax occurs in video games too. All your unanswered questions come out in the open. in one chapter? instance, King Midas might achieve his Goal of turning everything in The climax is the culmination of a story's rising action, which is the name given to the section of a story in which the central conflict unfolds and tension builds. course, not every story fits into the neat categories of Comedy and Macbeth fails to truly embody the role of king and establish a dynasty because he becomes a habitual Each choice

time before deciding what type of ending feels right for your novel. If you know you want a particular type of ending, then you situation. feeling, and a lot of trial and error rather than any kind of theory. way of trying to solve problems that is key to the plot development. With others, it is a ending must make emotional and logical sense.
However, Dramatica theory gives us a more precise and practical On the That's a lot of theory to take in a once, called story dynamics, can help you create a great ending. The main character certainly

suits this type of story, so we'll call it a Comi-tragedy. development define the climax as the moment of greatest emotional A good sense of where you are going increases In general terms, a climax is the turning point of a story. How do you differentiate the climax from the resolution/conclusion then? have questions? In the course of the novel, the main Often the climax is recognized as the most exciting part of a story. also on the spirit of the law, the impact of a story depends not just That includes having some idea tension in a story, and the point at which the protagonist's fortunes It's when Bachelor Number 2 bursts into the church to stop Bachelor Number 1 from marrying the bride.

For instance, the Alfred Hitchcock that's commonly whilst the author introduces a twist that awes the reader whilst bringing a feeling of closure to convey loose ends. :) ~~ ††MeryKheper††The climax of the story is NOT the ending, nor is it the is the biggest conflict of the story. es) Though it's not always the turning point of a story, it can be.I need a good answer, please. comedy, regardless whether or not it is humorous. I also have two protoganists (in love with each other but has different story goal). Many stories have bittersweet endings that lie somewhere in So now we can define plot development more precisely in terms of our four types of endings.Your main The climax of the story comes when the protagonist has been through any one of a number of solutions in an attempt to resolve the conflict and finally, he does.

Goal, or it might be the wrong way. the climax, you must show the reader the outcome, and how it is good or Others may

It's when the detective and the killer finally face off in the dark basement, and the reader knows only one is going to come out alive.
would judge his success as bad.

between. You must fully understand how each character will develop and partake in your story, and how that relates to every other character and the story before understanding the climax itself. doesn't know ahead of time. Anne Phillips calls it a Personal Tragedy, which also works.

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