Hifumi Takimoto

I really love Hifumi, she's a cute character who is shy and kinda has …

Rin joins and tells them the details of Yagami’s past. Mädchen

Umiko gives an empty grenade shell as a gift to Hifumi, and Aoba quickly rushes her away before Umiko starts rambling about airsoft. Hifumi and the others have just got their salary this month.   Hinzugefügt am But, she can’t talk to Aoba. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.At her desk, Hifumi is glad that Hajime’s ideas are accepted for the new project and she tells Yun to do Queen character modeling for it. The next day, at night, Hifumi and her team are still doing their work for the deadline tomorrow. She calls her photo cute and so do her co-workers, and Yagami becomes very flustered. Aoba is startled, but Hifumi says “go for it” and Aoba reluctantly thanks her. Follow. Rin is Hifumi's superior. Hifumi reluctantly gives it to her and just as Aoba was about to drink, the waitress comes to the party table. Figurine Nendoroid Hifumi Takimoto – New Game!! Aoba's co-worker and senior who's especially shy to the point of avoiding talking to people or looking at them directly.   Lizenz: She stays silent and walks away with a disapproving glare that sends shivers down her spine. Hifumi persists it's okay if she just takes a sip, as alcohol is often used in cooking. Hajime states that soon they'll be getting very busy. However, her way of breathing is wrong. Anime Hifumi coldly greets her and tells her name.

Unfollow. Hazuki witnesses her smile and considers it adorable.

The party is over and before Aoba realizes, Hifumi has already left the restaurant. Auf das Bild klicken, um die Vollansicht zu betrachten A few days later after Christmas day, Hazuki asks Hifumi if she wants to join a maid café demonstration. Genau ( Unknown Sweatshirt épaisAoba Suzukaze Cute Design Sweat à capuche épaisHifumi Takimoto Conception Mignonne Sweat à capuche épaisNouveau jeu! This is one of those cases where the main character isn't the most popular character from the show, the most popular being Hifumi! Elle a été embauchée bien avant Yun, Hajime et Aoba. - Suzukaze Aoba Veste zippée à capucheHifumi Takimoto - Sourire avec boisson | Nouveau jeu! Grid View List View. She also secretly enjoys cosplay. Yagami sees it and sends advice to Aoba's mail box.

She is about to drink and Aoba asks if she can have a sip of her alcohol. Hifumi prepares an autograph board to take a voice actor's signature. She is especially shy to the point of avoiding talking to people or looking at them directly. Her birthday is January 23.

Both are bad at conversation and didn't interact with each other for a really long time until Kou called her. Hifumi asks if Aoba always teases people who are close to her. She also shares her snacks with them. Hifumi tells her that she wants to specialize in 3D and she is rooting for Aoba’s design. They smile until they notice Hifumi mumbling about how they won't be able to go home for a very long time. She is panicked, though Umiko reassures her that lunch break isn't over and apologizes for waking her. Aoba, scared, says that she hasn't done anything bad (yet), but the waitress tilts her head and simply says the restaurant will be closed soon. Read more . Hifumi Takimoto Hazuki thanks her and she believes that Hifumi has become much better. Everyone exclaims in surprise, asking for photos, however, Hifumi refuses. Then, Aoba asks her if she has something to eat on her lunch time. She and her co-workers are talking about a new project.

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