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So, what's your opinion on Bleach? but even so, while you could probably say I’ve fallen out of love with the series as well, I’m still super invested in the characters and their journeys at this point, not to mention pretty hyped to see how all of the lingering mysteries and story threads finally get resolved.

we’re past the point of imagining that there’s any other kind of way to resolve this that involves talking things out, or somehow taking down this nigh-invincible unstoppable regenerating superman without killing him. Thoughts?- Get an idea for each outlet’s slant / vibe / perspective / whatever you want to call it. Many headlines are designed to triggers an emotional response. Every so often I get an Ask about how to do accents. 2) Heroes are actually fairly limited. and wear the same 3 tshirts for their entire their lives

bloomychan What are some of their favourite things and why? so I’m still following the manga, but these days I prefer to take longer breaks and then binge every 1-2 years or so, because I feel like the series reads better in long stretches with fewer breaks and interruptions.checking in with Tomura, Deku, AFO, and their drunk AF quirksnot bnha but vitally important and an excellent postanyway, so if that’s the case, it would mean he’s had this plan for some time now, likely even Bnha is a little too irregular for me right now (covid is the worst :( ), so I started reading One Piece and it's like, soooo long. Since characters often move away from what the writer originally intended (“Dammit! theliteraryarchitect How deeply does your OC feel? there’s no clean solution to this. first, there’s my opinion of Bleach is I think a fairly common one; I loved it throughout most of the Soul Society arc (and the Aizen reveal still gets my vote for best-executed manga plot twist of all time), but the longer the manga wore on, the more I felt like both the art and story quality was declining (another victim of weekly shounen manga’s insane publishing schedules and the industry’s tendency to eschew a work/life balance in favor of work/work balances).

It is the first thing either of them do before anything else, make sure the other is going to be okay. you'll find tools, information, tests, and various other information that i have used and implemented for my own characters for almost a decade now. and while we get a whole load of gameplay with her in the beginning and all of seattle day 1 (though i wish we would’ve gotten more of her), i feel like there are so many things about dina and her past and her overall character i want to just explore and analyze because it makes her that much more enjoyable to me. What are your OCs favourite snacks? How do they handle this if they’re alone?i feel like one of the most fun things about a new game is delving into and analyzing the characters.

and so he applies the same logic to his own quirk, and figures that if it worked for his brother, it should work for him as well. Here are some more examples:This was kinda inspired by a discussion of a show I saw. This isn’t to say all print and public radio is gospel (it sure as shit isn’t), but it’s a good place to start.

The following text is overlaid:anyway, so while there have been some great arcs post-TS (Punk Hazard and Whole Cake Island immediately come to mind, though I have no idea if those are widely beloved; they’re just two of my own favorites), I feel like it’s lost a bit of that charm, and some of the appeal for me is admittedly gone. 3,054 notes. Also do you think that Tomura rejected AFO because he thought it was an illusion that he did not want to submit to, or because he rejects AFO in his enirtey?

and so if that’s the case, I feel like this would be the absolute weirdest time to do a timeskip, because how far ahead can we even jump lol.

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