Bank Not Sign - Vincenza, Italy

Not Signs From Around the World

" Do Not Enter " signs from around the world. This site is a repository for pictures of do not enter signs. Since this is one of many international roadsigns the collection is diverse in geographical context. Do Not signs have also expanded to represent warning and caution indicators. The collection is a result of many visitors adding their own local pictures. Feel free to do so yourself. Thanks for your visit.

Do Not Enter History

Historical Nots From the Past

No Apple Computer – Not Apple No Adult or Warez Sites NO Windows platform — Micro Computers Suck Do Not Support Spam Mail — No

No Bucket Washing

Car Wash Not Signs — No Washing Buckets

Car-Wash Nots Restrict Bucket Washing The warning sign restricts using the car-wash to wash out buckets,  Our guess here is that too many people were

Do Not Enter Signs at the Alamo

Do Not Enter The Alamo, Texas

Warning Signs At The Alamo, Texas, USA For 12 days in 1836, a small band of Texans were besieged bySanta Anna’s huge army. On the

french donotenter sign

France, Paris – Do Not Enter Signs

Paris Do Not Enter Signs Comparison between two types of Do Not Enter signs; showing that shape is not the mnemonic for this warning sign.