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A collection of "Do Not" & "Do Not Enter" signs Around The World

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Do Not Enter

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No Frozen Pipes

Hotel Doorknob Sign

Air Bag Warning

Dumpster Warning

No - Right Turn

Airport Security
prior to Sept. 2001

No Cutting Phone Lines

No Smoking Signs

artistic view of what this site is all about..."Do Not Enter" signs from around the world. This site is a repository for pictures of do not enter signs. Since this is one of many international roadsigns the collection is diverse in geographical context. Do Not signs have also expanded to represent warning and caution indicators. The collection is a result of many visitors adding their own local pictures. Feel free to do so yourself. Thanks for your visit.
"Do Not Enter"

Manatee Warning

No brids

Lots of Nots Bubble Bag Warning Geri-Chair Warning
No Trucks

no running over

No Drinking No Skateboards No Children
No-Sama Roadsign Stickers French Quarter No-Stop No MSG
Bridge in
Moody Gardens Munich's Octoberfest
Vapor Warning Suffocation Risk Warning Extension Cord
Rockport, TX London, England
USA: San Antonio Italy: Venice USA: Texas: Austin USA:MA: Cape Cod Reno: NV

Africa China
North Wales
(St. Sulliac)
USA: California
(San Francisco)
(bathroom door)

USA: California
(Katima Mulilo)
(Southern tip)
(sheep warning)

Water on road
Trampoline Warning No - Meat No Wall-Flowers Coke Machine Warning Wookey Hole, Cheddar, U.K.
Intersection of roads USA: South Carolina USA: South Carolina
USA: Texas: San Antonio
Automobile "no step"
No Scissors Needed No Disco Box Top - No Cutting

City State   Description
- Do Not Enter Signs -
Austria Fucking (true) Bitte - nicht so schnell! = Please - not so fast (drive slowly) Fucking is a small village in Upper Austria whose name is unique and has existed since the year 1070.
Canada Brockville Street Views of the coastal town of Brockville, Canada, Fall, 2000.
France Paris
Several street signs - Donated by Alex From his recent business trip to France.
Germany ???? Four interesting street signs with descriptions. Sent in by Sascha Reichert (
Holland Amsterdam World traveler Alex, (full-time business owner in Baltimore Maryland ) sent in this picture from Amsterdam, Holland, December, 2001.
Italy Rome A do not enter sign in front of the Flavian Amphitheater "The Colosseum" - Rome, Italy. Unknown contributor.
Malaysia Kuala
No - Scootering inside the Midvalley MegaMall and International Airport in Kuala Lumpur. Jacky sent these in from Malaysia. She has a site of funny pictures at Thanks Jacky!
Romania Bucharest   Copywritten by Jeff Holbrook, reprinted with permission, this picture shows some cool classical architecture of Bucharest. (here)
USA San Francisco CA Four pictures of San Francisco International Airport and San Jose International Airport warning signs.
San Jose CA Downtown San Jose dumpster warning sign.
San Jose CA San Jose (local) A few pictures from around the Bay area.
Santa Cruz CA Warning sign on Capitola beach, California coast off HWY 1.
Denver CO Pool side no-diving warning signs.
Denver CO Commercial warning signs in Denver CO.
Fort Pierce FL Do Not Climb the barriers,UDT-SEAL Museum, Hutchinson Island, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA - Click (here).
New York NY Several New York street warning signs.
Syracuse NY Airport A few Airport pictures from Syracuse, New York.
{a truck stop} ? NV Just about in the middle of no-where land -- with hundreds of miles of open space. On the interstate that runs East and West. You know the one.
Cincinnati OH Wrong Way Cincinnati Airport Do Not Enter sign warning travelers not to go wrong way on horizontal escalators.
Norman OK Two road-signs on I-35 near Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma City OK This warning sign near a motel pool has a second warning in fine print: "Do not Remove or Cover".
Philadelphia PA Looks like a no-smoking sign near the docks.
Philadelphia PA In the center of town; a no parking sign outside a museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (here)
Capital City PA Rear-view mirror picture of road-sign outside Capital City.
Cola SC Three Signs Outside the Cola Public Post Office. Plus ( detail ) of postal worker.
Columbia SC

Dump Warning Sign near the an open-air dump several miles outside the capital of South Carolina. (red haze is from double exposure). Jan, 1998. Two more of a car wash warning sign and a Cable-Buried warning sign.

Houston TX Jiffy Lube + A few warining picures from North Dallas.
San Antonio TX No guns allowed signs outside a factory door in Richardson Texas
Richardson TX Court House, Farmer's Market and Street Sign Cluster photos from San Antonio, TX.
Oak Hill TX A very unique sign - Do Not Exit. Several pictures from an Oak Hill Postal Office in Oak Hill, Texas. There are lots of warning signs on the doors and many posters inside warning patrons.
Waco TX Outside a Brahms Ice Cream store in Waco and Plano Texas are these pictures (here).
- Interesting / Humorous Warning Signs -
Holland The Anne Frank House If you look past on the left, you see people lined up at the Anne Frank House.
USA Texas (assorted) A collection of NOT signs from Dallas, Austin, Oak Hill, and San Antonio.
  The Alamo, Texas DO NOT signs from The Alamo, San Antonio (here).
The Ken Dumas Collection Ken runs a great road sign collection site at Sign Language; here are a few warning signs from his site.
  51 More Warning Signs Stolen from yahoo; these signs are under general copyright restrictions - unlike my graphics which you can pilfer, steal, and otherwise call your own if you give me some type of credit. Anyway, a great bunch of warning signs from all around the world are here. Oh, yeah, my lawyer reminds you that these are copyrighted.
Extension Cord Warning Underwriters Laboratories Inc, Warning Label - Extension cords sometimes have little paper circle warning lables.
USA Baltimore MD
Alex of has his own page of Do Not signs from Baltimore Maryland. (here)
  New York NY
The New York World Trade Center disaster produced a lot of cityscape photographs. Here are a few of these photos taken from the web; where possible credits are given.
  Frutia CO Dog scoop dispensers at a rest stop on Interstate 340.
North Dallas TX The popular shopping cart child seat warnings.

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