The Ken Dumas Collection:
All of these pictures originated on Ken Dumasís web site entitled Sign Language. His site has a wide selection of humorous, whimsical, and contradicting signs. With Kenís permission a small sample is mirrored here - third party reproductions are pending approval. Copyrights apply. Click Here to Close This Window
File   Description
no whale watching No Whale watching
alligator Wheelchair Alert - Alligator below - Submitted by Scott Register
zebra crossing Road Crossing sign. Submitted by Jan Duha, Mountain View, CA
turtle crossing Rare Turtle Crossing
bike warning Arizona roadway. Photo by Carol Bent
watch for RV's "Deception Pass bridge in Seattle,WA, is so narrow that pedestrians have to be concerned about being wacked in the head by a mirror from an RV"
no dogs with leash "No dogs allowed holding their own leash"
no skiing In Zermatt, Switzerland many forms of transportation are not allowed. Photo by Carol Bent
picket fence warning Photo by Carol Bent
no dogs Very strange no dogs allowed sign
snow fall warning This sign is in Lake Tahoe, CA. Snow falls are common there
no jumping "This sign means don't jump for the ferry as it pulls away"
contradicting Do Not sign Contradicting Do Not Enter sign and road arrow. Submitted by David Laidlaw

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